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Thank you for your inquiry.

A quantity order of 179 was recently quoted at $497 each + shipping for application of SEWERLOCK to lock grease pre-treatment manholes in compliance with agency requirements in your area. We have had a number of inquiries and will attempt to group the orders so that we can offer a quantity price.

In addition to the information on our website, attached is the one page SEWERLOCK Operations and Maintenance Sheet to assist in your discussions with the decision makers.

  • Locks manholes associated with grease pre-treatment at restaurants, grocery stores, and other food industry applications. Easy to remove SEWERLOCK’s inner cover for cleanout.
  • Not difficult to install or use. Installs quickly below existing frame and cover without manhole alteration (15-30 min). Easy removal of inner cover weighing approx. 8 pounds provides quick protection when placed back into the manhole.
  • Locked with two padlocks, keyed alike and can be keyed to your standard padlock, versus a locking mechanism or lid that require a special removal tool, plug locks, and hinged covers. These surface locking mechanisms don’t do well in sediment and salt treated roads, and are not secure as they can be opened with a screw driver or similar basic tool.
  • SEWERLOCK is made from stainless steel and fits all size and shape openings. Lifetime solution for the system.
  • SEWERLOCK has no wires or moving parts. Other products have metal bars that hang down and interfere with the contents when lifted for removal.
  • SEWERLOCK is now in place to provide security to private and governmental agencies including  military bases to secure manholes, vaults, and access shafts associated with military applications.

Generally our product is manufactured to fit your manholes within 3 weeks of placing an order and shipped 3-5 days via Con-way Freight.

In order to provide the best price to the restaurants in your area, please let me know if there is an association or organization that we can contact.

Call (408) 761-5882 or email with any questions.

Dave Ross

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